Viņa Cobos Vinculum

Viña Cobos Vinculum is a bond forged in wine. This new line is the expression of a unique connection between Viña Cobos and its grape growers.

By exploring the terroir in Mendoza, we've found remarkable sites. These unique places are truly defined by their owners and growers with whom we have created a bond in wine. We have walked the rows together and worked side by side, sharing our stories, insights and vision. Furthermore, we acknowledge the key importance of sustainable management, of achieving synergy between human and nature, and wholly understanding each vineyard. It is a captivating moment when vineyard and winemaking are aligned. This is the origin of Vinculum, a blend of top sites from where we craft wines that celebrate our joint work, our values, and our shared history.

Bramare by Viņa Cobos

Bramare Appellation wines are the first step towards understanding unique Argentinean terroirs. Bramare is an Etruscan word that means "to yearn", and manifests the first step of our deep dive into micro-site exploration and terroir differentiation.Paul Hobbs, founding partner and winemaker at Viña Cobos, has worked since 1988 in the exploration of the different terroirs of Mendoza, looking for the most distinguished regions in Luján de Cuyo and the Valle de Uco, to produce wines that uniquely express their origins.

Felino by Viņa Cobos

Over the past twenty years, Paul Hobbs and his team at Viña Cobos have dedicated themselves to seek out, study, and develop vineyard sites across the premier growing regions of Mendoza. Fresh and vibrant, Felino is the perfect introduction to Mendoza terroir. Pure varietal expressions are sourced from rigorously selected vineyards in the region's top quality growing areas - of Luján de Cuyo and Valle de Uco - imparting distinct fruit profiles to the wines.


Alvaredos-Hobbs is Paul's newest international partnership that produces Godello and Mencía wines, two indigenous varietals from the Ribeira Sacra D.O. in Galicia, Spain. The ancient winegrowing region of Ribeira Sacra, whose viticultural history traces back over two millenia to Roman times, and where vineyards still cover the steeply sloping hills along the winding Sil River, is where the town of Alvaredos is located. The godello & mencía grapes thrive in the incredibly rocky soils comprised of slate & granite. With vineyard slopes of more than 50%, each vine must be tended carefully by hand. Paul and his partner, Antonio López Fernández, have spent the last years working the vineyards, completing the winery, and building a local team, and we are delighted to bring you this newest endeavor from an ancient and historic winegrowing region.


Founded in 2011 by acclaimed Malbec visionary, Paul Hobbs, and 4th generation Malbec de Cahors producer, Bertrand Gabriel Vigouroux, Crocus wines are a quest to redefine Malbec in its birthplace, combining old world, ancient terroirs with new world vision. Crocus takes its name from the famed Crocus Sativus flower, prized for producing the spice saffron. The Crocus flower has been grown and harvested in the Cahors region since the 14th century.


Internationally renowned winemaker Paul Hobbs, and the Yacoubian family journey to the Birthplace of Wine to craft modern, world class wines from the indigenous varieties found in the high altitude, mineral-rich soils of Vayots Dzor, Armenia. Their newly planted vineyards grow a stone's throw away from the Areni-1 cave, the oldest known winery dating from over 6,000 years ago. With their local team, Paul and the Yacoubian family are growing and crafting wines that confirm Armenia's part not only in the ancient history of winemaking, but its very relevant present and future amongst the great wine regions of the world.



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